A Typical Day at Guardian Adult Medical Day Care.

In the morning
The client is transported from their home to the center. Upon arrival, they are personally welcomed by a staff member and start the day with a light snack, coffee, or tea and talking with friends.

Once everyone is settled, one of our registered nurses leads the clients in a light exercise session. Next the group participates in discussing the latest news in the world to provide reality orientation. Smaller groups then break off and they are led in our basic learning group, memory stimulation or word games.

At 11 a.m.
The main morning activities begin. These activities are varied and may be with the entire group or small groups, depending on the needs of our clients. (please see our list of Services and Programs)

Next at noon
A hot home cooked and nutritious lunch is served in accordance with dietary needs. Then the clients have free time to socialize and then a healthy snack is served.

After the snack
The coats are gathered, the clients are escorted to our vans and returned home. (Departure time Approx. 3:00pm)

Transportation includes door to door service from the participant’s home to the center as well as doctor appointments.

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